Hometown Indie Rock

You know the place - where laughter and loss meet. Where hope is around the corner, and regret is a four letter word. Somewhere you’ve been, and somewhere you’ll go again. The Good Many write songs to take you there with a knowing wink. Catchy melodies and wry insights sure to make you say:
You think by now they’d get their act together.

Michael Vrazel and Daniel Kuemmerle have been making music together for over 20 years, so you might say The Good Many has been a long time coming. When they were introduced to drummer, Tim Ozburn, at the height of the pandemic in 2021, the stage was quite literally set for things to fall into place. The final piece of the puzzle was added when bassist, Jimmy Tate, began sitting in with the band in 2022. With musical influences that range from straight up rock and indie folk to jam bands and southern-fried funk, it's not a surprise that the band's songs cover a wide range of genres. What might catch you off guard, maybe even on a second or third listen, is the heart and humor the band puts into its music and live shows.

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