You bring out the worst in me,
Prove my virtue is a fantasy.
Can’t let go of days long past
‘Cause the wounds run deep, and the scars, they last.

Thinking back when we were young,
A single misstep and the trap is sprung.
Feel the walls closing in
On who I thought I’d be, if not now, then when...

The man I thought I was, the life I thought I live,
Holding on to things I should know how to forgive.
The road I do not walk, the chance I will not take,
Bound by this invention, a chain I cannot break.
So here I stay, and here I stand,
Haunted by the theory of a man.

Thoughts betray and then conspire,
With no warning, you open fire.
Burn down the refuge I had made,
But I guess it had to fall,
Even if you stayed.

Maybe I can start again,
Excuses are wearing thin,
But pride is my favorite sin,
And I’m not sure where to begin.